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A new story, every week, told live, from
Pop-Up Theatres
Empty Storefronts
Bringing communities together and
Making neighborhoods vibrant again

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Dedicated to the art of live storytelling

We offer owners of empty storefronts the opportunity to:

  • give a residency to artists and revitalize their property,

  • strengthen their neighborhood,

  • get great press, and... 

  • help them find a new tenant.

All we need are a few chairs, lights, a visionary owner and a hungry audience.

Residencies last 2-6 months, and we're currently searching for our next venue in San Francisco.

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Mainstage Storytelling

Artists share evening-length, autobiographical stories in the tradition of Spalding Gray and Mike Birbiglia.

A new show every week.


We start with the work of award-winning Artistic Director, David Rodwin.

Marathon Book Readings

Dozens of people in our community come together to read an entire book, out loud, without stopping, until the book is finished. Usually 8-12 hours.



Come and go as you like. 

Short Storytelling

Five to ten storytellers from the community bring 5-10 min. short stories to the stage. Evenings may be themed by topic or group.

One week might feature stories ABOUT religion, the next might feature stories FROM senior citizens.

Performing Art Class
Working With Headphones

Storytelling Classes

We open our space weekly to live, in-person, autobiographical, storytelling classes.


A six-week course culminates in a public performance of an evening ofshort stories.

Replicating the Program

We offer classes to replicate the format of The Story Emporium for others' projects.

We aim to empower a legion of artists to make downtowns around the country vibrant again.

Co-Working Space

Artists to join a subsidized daytime co-working space to share a location for concentration, a step up in business management and a community to share techniques for further advancement of careers and the business of the arts


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