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We offer 3 classes in which David Rodwin shares his 30 years of experience with you.

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Captivate Audiences

You know that moment in the movie, after stumbling through a written speech the protagonist throws it away and speaks from their heart? That what we teach. Whether you want to win The Moth or create your own show, we use a method of storytelling that does not rely on the written word. We don't write down and memorize stories. Instead, this authentic and organic style gets to the core of the human experience and makes audiences lean-in.


6 weeks --- 3-hour classes ---Wed, 7-10pm

Culminating in a final public group performance.


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Pitch Your Start-up

We help start-up founders create compelling pitches - for sit-downs with investors AND for public presentations from CES to Shark Tank. We help you share you and your company’s story in a clear, compelling and entertaining fashion. Your idea may be fantastic, but if you struggle with sharing that to the people that matter, it’s all for naught.


Two weeks --- 3-hour workshops --- Sunday 2-5pm


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Make your own Pop-up

Artists and entrepreneurs can follow our template -creating community and benefiting from partnerships in a win-win-win scenario \we need in the challenging climate much of America now faces. We believe anyone can do what we’re up to. And we want to help you.


Downtown decay is an urban emergency. And making downtowns vibrant again is a national necessity. So we're happy to share what we've learned with you.


Two 3 hour workshops. Sunday 10-1pm.


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